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VIII Marbella International Music Competition
Youth Categories


3 Age Divisions!

1st AUGUST 2023

Open jury deliberations!

Marbella International Music Competition 2018, Jury: Michael Davdov, Delia Steinberg, Tensy Krismant, Maddalena de Facci

Rules of participation

Youth Category "Rising Stars"​

1) Eligibility:

Pianists of any nationality are invited to apply. Winners of the 1st Prize in past editions may not apply to the same Division again.

2) Age Divisions:

-Division A: under 10 years old (born after 1st September 2013).

-Division B: under 14 years old (born after  1st September 2009).

-Division C: under 18 years old (born after 1st September 2005).

3) Dates of competition and place:

1-3 September 2023, Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo de Marbella, C/Hospital Bazán s/n, 29601 Marbella, Málaga.


4) Competition development and repertoire:


All participants wishing to apply are asked to send the filled-in Application Form Online. Free repertoire to be chosen according to the requirements detailed below. The Artistic Direction will review the Forms and attached documents and send a confirmation of acceptance to the applicant. A live deliberation of the jury for each competitor and competition round will take place. The jury will evaluate the performances of the following repertoire:

Division A: Free choice repertoire, to include at least 2 works.

Max. 10 minutes program, including pauses between pieces.

Division B: Free choice repertoire, to include an Etude.

Max. 15 minutes program, including pauses between pieces.


Division C:

Free choice repertoire to include at least one complete work from the barroque period (composers born between 1580 and 1729) AND one complete work from the classical period (composers born between 1730 and 1799).

Max. duration 25 minutes, including pauses between pieces.

All pieces must be performed by memory. No prepared-piano pieces will be accepted. Separate movements from Sonatas are admitted. It is not allowed to repeat any piece throughout the competition. All pieces must be published and free of performing rights.


5) Prizes:

Division A:

1st Prize: Scholarship to attend the Masters of Tomorrow Course 2024 and participate in one of the concerts. Medal, diploma.

2nd Prize: Medal and diploma. Recommendation letter from the jury.

3rd Prize: Medal and diploma.

Division B:

1st Prize: Scholarship to attend the International Masterclass 2024 with Prof. Michael Davidov and participate in one of the concerts. Medal, diploma.

2nd Prize: Medal and diploma. Recommendation letter from the jury.

3rd Prize: Medal and diploma.

Division C:

Main Prizes:


1st Prize: 300 EURO, medal/trophy, diploma.

2nd Prize: 200 EURO, medal, diploma.

3rd Prize: 100 EURO, medal, diploma.


The First Prize winner will be invited by the Davidov Music Association to perform a recital in Marbella.


Special Prizes:

a) Special Prize "J. S. Bach", will be awarded to a finalist for the best performance of barroque music. Diploma.

b) Special Prize "L. van Beethoven", will be awarded to a finalist for the best performance of the classical work. Diploma.

d) A Special prize-scholarship, may be given to one of the finalists, to attend the Piano Masterclasses 2024 with Prof. Michael Davidov. Prize offered by the Davidov Music Association.

e) Honorific Diplomas and a limited number of Special Mentions may be awarded at the discretion of the jury. All contestants will receive a Participation Certificate/Diploma.

6) Jury:

International pianists will be invited to join the Jury 2023. Names of jurors will be published before the start of the competition.

7) Voting procedure:


Votes + Live streamed deliberation system.

Each Jury member will select the winners through voting "1st Prize" / "2nd Prize" / "3rd Prize" / "No Prize" and accompany those votes with a mark. Once the administration has counted all the votes, each candidate will receive a sum of points and the jury deliberation will start.

The sum of points of each candidate will be published during the deliberation but the individual marks given by each juror will be kept secret until the end of the competition.

In the deliberation, the jury will discuss the results and decide which candidates should obtain a prize.

In a case of a tie in any Round, the Jury will vote different options to clear it.

In a hypotetical case, when a student of a Jury member is taking part in the competition: the vote of this juror to his student(s) will not be taken into account, instead, a middle score from all other jurors' votes will be drawn for this participant.

8) Admission procedure:


In order to apply to the competition, applicants must follow the indicated steps below, submiting all the required documents to:

1. Fill up the 2023 Competition Application Form online.

2. Send us an e-mail attaching a copy of your birth certificate or ID Card or Passport. Include also a biography listing musical education, awards, performances, etc.

3. Payment of the application fee of 30 / 40 / 80 Euro, for the Divisions A / B / C respectively. Bank details will be provided after receiving the 2023 Competition Application Form.

9) General considerations:


a) The jury members, excempting the Artistic Director, will not receive information regarding names, ages, nationalities, biographies or teacher's names of any of the competitors.


b) The decisions of the Jury are indisputable.

c) Any legal action is excluded.

d) The Application Fee cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

e) All bank commissions must be paid by the applicant.

f) Applications after the deadline may be considered only if there are free places in the competition.

g) The selected repertoire should demonstrate competitor's musical and pianistic abilities. Aesthetical, formal and stylistic understanding of the pieces will be valued together with technical-mechanical control of the instrument.

h) Changes in the repertoire will be accepted only until 15th August 2023. Any further changes will need to be approved by the Artistic Director.

i) Prizes might be devided or be declared not given.

j) All multimedia material received from the competitors, such as video recordings of any competition rounds, pictures, etc., may be used exclusively by Davidov Music Association with advertisement purposes. 

k) By sending your documents you declare that you understand and accept these Rules.

l) Davidov Music Association will not take any responsibility in case of any physical or psicological health issue or any accident happened to the participant during his/her participation in any of the events linked to the Festival.

m) These Rules are valid from the moment of posting them on the website or on our official social media channels.

n) Any change or incorporated new rules will be officially communicated by Davidov Music Association.

o) In case of any disputy regarding the interpretation of these Rules, the English version will be the official one.

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