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Asociación Musical Davidov
Marbella International Music Festival

Marbella International Music Festival

Music is inseparable from Time. Time is what gives it a shape, what makes sounds flow and form musical structures. We understand that the world continuosly changes and evolves, therefore, we design our events seeking to open a new modern path. 

Throughout history, music competitions struggled with finding common judging criteria and fair decisions... The unique voting system implemented in our competition, allows us to be the first competition to make this kind of a step into fairness and transparency.

This 2024 is a special year, as the world is inmersed in some really difficult situations and just recovering from the pandemic years. Our events have been adjusted accordingly to continue offering our Festival with the highest standarts.

Join us, become a part of our events and enjoy the harmony of the Music accompanied by the waves of the sea.

Michael Davidov

President and Artistic Director

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